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Chalk board


This is my new chalk board. Once upon a time it was a  Home Interiors Picture. The glass had been broke in a move and I kept it. I could not get my self to get rid of it. It was the Picture of a  Mamma and her little girl on a Piano with a Westie Puppy under the Piano. The sentimental reasons were my Son plays the Piano and we have a Westie her name is Chloe.  Then one day I went to my friend Belen’s house and she had a beautiful chalk board that she made. Then I thought I have the perfect place for one of those chalk boards. Belen found her picture that she made in to a chalk board at a Thrift Store. So I was walking in my garage one day well everyday 😉 And there it was my soon to be chalk board 😉 My Awesome, beautiful friend Belen had me bring my picture to her house.

We took it apart and painted the cardboard (picture) with chalk board paint. We painted the frame white then rubbed an antique paint on it. I love that you can see the detail in the frame with the antique paint rubbed in. I loved it ;)Belen did an awesome job!! Thank you so much Belen;)

Now this is my Dining room with out the chalk board. And I see the perfect place to put it do you? That picture is just to small for that wall. But I really like that picture. The Theme in my Dining Room is Paris and the Eiffel Tower. So it will go on an other wall.

And There she is 😉 Doesn’t She look so much better there? I’m enjoying the changes. I have done more sense then. That will be for another blog 😉  I hope you enjoy it thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Lady Beth