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My birthday gifts


My birthday was May 3rd. And my beautiful friend Belen took Me and my girls Tiffany and Brittany out to Dinner. We went to Claim Jumper. We had an awesome time! I had a BBQ chicken salad. And it was yummy 🙂 She got me this beautiful picture frame. She is helping me with fixing up my house 🙂


Belen also got me the beautiful smelling candle! It’s cool we both like the same smells. I love it!!! Thank you so much Belen!! I love you lots!


My beautiful friend Angie got me this little tea set. The lady’s in our Church had a Mother Daughter Tea. I did not make it this year. I had to work. So she brought me a piece of the party 🙂


In the beautiful little box was a tea-cup!


This is the tea-cup in the beautiful box!


This is the coolest thing. It is butterfly sugar cubes. So neat!


And this little card with a tea bag in it 🙂 way cool 🙂 Angie Thank you so much I love you lots 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it!

Love Lady Beth



Small cookbook shelf


This is the night we got the keys to move in our house. I love it! The whole house is hardwood floors except for the bathroom. Now it is full. I have this bookshelf that was for my cookbooks that sets right in front of the island with the stove on it. Then I got a small bakers rack and put all my cookbooks on it as you have seen in my small bakers rack blog.

This little shelf was very messy. After I took out the cookbooks and put them on my small bakers rack. I was able to make it neat. I put all my Taste of Home Magazine together on the left side. Then the other food magazines I have together next to that. Next to the magazines I have 1 box and 1 little basket full of recipes.

Here we are at eye level. The 2 cups and saucers I got when Paul and Shawnacee were having an estate sale 🙂 the picture frame is from my daughter Tiffany. And the water hole 🙂 well that is my husbands doing. Some don’t like the water cold. That was the perfect place for them. We liked it 🙂

So that’s how it looks now. And oh yes my refrigerator is covered in pictures, christmas pictures, graduation pictures, Birthday pictures, new baby’s, My beautiful sister LaRae, my very handsome Daddy and my beautiful niece Rachel. And it is full of magnets from every place we have gone.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Have a great day

Lady Beth