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Lime, Garlic and Cilantro Rice


If you like lime then you will really like this rice dish. I got this rice dish from the Pioneer Woman.

For the ingredients;


Oil or Butter


3 Limes

Chicken Broth



Now I always use butter this is the first time I used oil. And it worked just fine. So I put some oil in the skillet with some minced garlic. You can also put in an onion at this point.



Then I stirred in 3 cups of rice and let it got lite golden brown.



Pour in 6 cups of chicken broth. The zest and juice of 2 limes. Sorry I did not have pictures of the limes.



Bring it to a boil. Then put a lid on it turn it to low and let it simmer for 20 min.



While the rice is cooking I chop the cilantro.



After it’s done I juice 1 more lime and put it in with the cilantro mix it all together and it taste delish.

We had this with Enchiladas I will be blogging that one next.

Have a great weekend!

Love Lady Beth


Oil, Salt and Pepper holders



This is where I keep my oil, salt and pepper. For a long time I kept my Olive Oil in a clear glass bottle. Then I read and heard that Olive Oil was to be kept in a dark place. So one day when I was at Sur La Table I found a new Olive oil holder.



Here it is! I have to tell you it was so funny when I was putting the Olive oil in it as you can see it’s not clear so I really did not know when it was time to stop pouring the oil in until it came out the spout hahahaha. And it landed on the cork lid of the salt holder that is the next picture.



This is the salt holder. Yes so on the cork lid a little less than half is a darker color than the rest. I may have to oil the whole  thing so I won’t have to see it like that 🙂 But I love it 🙂 It works for me!



Now Sur La Table does not have one for pepper. I’m thinking because they want you to get the one that grinds the pepper. I will get that one some day. But my awesome friend had 2 of these salt holders and she gave me one so I use it for the pepper.



They are all together on the counter in front of the stove just where I need them. I love fixing up my Kitchen and sharing my new things with you all.

Thank you for reading my blog about fixing up my house have a great coming up weekend 🙂

Love Lady Beth

Ship loading


My husband Tony was working at a ship yard in Pittsburg California. First he was working at the Shell Refinery in Martinez California. At the refinery he would load trucks with coke. Not the coke you are thinking. After they make gas, jet fuel, oil and all that good stuff. The coke is the left overs they can not use. So they sell it to other country’s to use for electricity. Then Tony was transferred to Pittsburg to where the truck take the coke from Shell. Here is a ship loading up with coke.

When Tony would work on the ship he would have to watch the loader. There would be about 5 big holds to load up. So he would have to check to make sure it was not getting to full then move it to the next hold. It was remote-controlled.

There is Tony waving at Brittany and I we were there to pick him up from work. We loved it when it was ship loading time.

Here he is done with his shift and ready to go home. He worked 7:00am to 7:.30pm or 7:00pm to 7:30am.

Just thought I would share this with you 🙂

Love lady Beth