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My Bathroom ( part 1 )



Hello every one so sorry it has taking me so long to blog. I have been working 2 jobs so I have a min. to blog so here I go.

This is my bathroom and oh how I would love to remodel it but it is not my house we are just renters. I would love one day to be able to buy it!! That is my prayer. Well there is 4 of us living in this house it’s a 3 Bedroom and 1 bathroom. Now  with 1 Man and 3 Lady’s it is a little rough some times. But we manage. I did put a shelf  up because everything was on the counter and well it just looks much better this way.



The 2 jars with the cork tops I got from my friend’s garage sale. The mirror is my daughter Brittany’s and the mason jar of course is mine. I filled it with the rest of the q-tips and they fit just right.  So when you are facing the sink this is on the left.



And this is to the right of the sink. I love Bath and Body Works and that is where I get my hand soap and at Christmas time last year I got the medal cover for it 🙂 and I’m not to sure what the black wrought iron thing is for but I use it for the combs and brushes. It just helps it to look neater.



Now we keep to the right and that is above the toilet. I’m showing this now because there are changes to come that way we can see before and after.



Keeping to the right is the window now in the morning while getting ready for work the sun is so bright so I’m in the process of putting up a curtain and rod my friend Belen  is fixing the curtain for me to put up 🙂 Then as you keep to the right that would be the Tub/Shower. Sorry I did not get a picture of the tub/shower. I will have one next time because I will be hanging a shower curtain and it will look so much better 😉

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I’m looking forward to sharing more about my house, food and my new things I get 🙂

Love Lady Beth



My new Vitamix



Here is my new Vitamix. It fits perfect in the corner along with the baskets of fruit and vegetables. Oh yes and the flowers on the left of it. I love this thing we were on a juice fast last week. Now we are still having juice once or twice a day. I’m so excited to have this awesome Kitchen Appliances added to MY Kitchen 😀



OK  its Juice time. I feel the bottom with spinach then I press it down I get about 2 or so cups in there.



Here I’m adding some frozen Strawberry’s. They are unsweetened so I do add some sweetener to it.



This is the fruit blend I added about 3 cups of this.



This just a side view so you can see how full it is.



When I was at Food Max I seen some Banana’s with spots on them so I bought the so I could freeze them. So I put 1 frozen Banana in there.



Then I added some ice cubes.



Then I added 2 cups of water. The first time I made it I did not use water and lets just say that was not a good thing!



The side view the everything in it.



Now it’s time for the led to be put on.



Now when you are putting the led on you have to make sure that both of the little tabs are snapped on.



Here are the controls on the right is the on and off button. In the middle is the speed 1 – 10. On the left if the button is down then you are using the speed button. But if it is up that is high-speed and if you use the 1 – 10 it will not effect it.



I’m sorry I’m not sure what this is called but after you start it and it’s at speed 10 turn it to high and then you can take the little clear led off so you can push all the stuff down to get blended while putting in this hole it well never touch the blade.



Here I’m pushing down all the fruit I put in 🙂



This is what it looks like when its done. Now you can add more water if you want it more runny or more like juice.



Wow look at this huge mess I made 🙂 And that was from pulling out the stick lol



Now I have my 4 mason jars to put the juice in 🙂



Here I’m pouring it in the mason jars.



It filled 3 and 1/2 that day. Now to-day when I made it I added 2 small granny smith apples and 1 medium orange and I got 5 mason jars out of that 🙂



So here I put one mason jar and the half jar in the Starbucks cup. And it was so so so good.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. And have an awesome up coming weekend!

God Bless

Love Lady Beth

My Friend Robin’s Chili


Well because I cook this in the crock pot. The night before I cooked the hamburger. So I would not have to do it in the morning. Because I get up at 6:00 anyways for work. I love my sleep so I did it the night before 🙂


So after the meat is all fried or browned I put in some taco seasoning in the meat. Now you can use a Rotisserie Chicken instead of hamburger meat. Then I put it in the refrigerator for the night. Then the next morning I put it all together 🙂


Now here is everything that goes in it excepted the hamburger.


So the next morning I heated up the hamburger in the microwave then put it in the crock pot.


Then I put in one can of black beans.


And one can of pinto beans.


And 2 cans of white beans.


I chopped up 1 bunch of green onions and put them in.


Now for the cilantro I put one bunch. You can put 1/2 of a bunch or to your liking. We like cilantro so to our liking we put one whole bunch 🙂


Now put in a can of green enchilada sauce.


And 1/2 of a jar of salsa verde.


Then I stirred the chili.


Then I added 1/2 cup of chicken broth.


Now it’s time for the spices. Cumin, Chili powder, red pepper flakes, Salt and pepper. Put all to your liking!


Oh yes and we can not forget the Garlic lol I put about 3 spoon fulls of minced garlic. I could have put more to my liking. So put to your liking 🙂




Then stir it all together put a lid on it keep it on low. Everything is already cooked we just want to marry all the flavors for a yummy chili.


When it’s done like 6 to 8 hours later here it is.


Then add some grated cheese to it any kind. This one is Monterey jack Cheese.


You can have it with some chips like I did or some Mexican corn bread. I did not get home til after 8 or I would have made some Mexican corn bread 🙂


And here is the left overs. I filled to Mason Jars. I love me some Mason Jars. This weekend I went and bought more Mason Jars 🙂

Here is the recipe:

Hamburger or Rotisserie Chicken

1 can of black beans

1 can of pinto beans

2 cans of white beans

1 can of green enchilada sauce

1/2  Jar of salsa verde

1 Bunch of green onions

1 or 1/2 of cilantro

1/2 cup of chicken broth

Cumin to your liking

Chili powder to your liking

Red pepper flakes to your liking

Salt and pepper to your liking

Garlic to your liking

Cook in crock pot all day 🙂

To have with the Chili:




Mexican corn bread

Enjoy!! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it have an awesome week!

Love Lady Beth

New toys for my Kitchen


Ok so I am a huge Pioneer Woman Fan 🙂 She cooks the way my family likes. And she is always cooking in the Cast Iron Skillet. So I had to get me one a 12″. Now I did have a 8″ I had gotten from my Mom’s place. Down at the mail boxes if someone does not want something they just leave it there for anyone to take that can use it.  I that is when I got my first Cast Iron Skillet. The only thing was that it was a little small for my family of 5. So when I was at Wal-Mart one day I seen this Cast Iron Skillet and had to get it.

While I was there I was looking for some Salt and Pepper dishes with lids. I’m still looking for some. But for now I found these very small mason jars that I am using right now.

Just a picture of how it looks with them on the counter. Oh yes and after we drank all the water bottles. I found something else to put there. I like it much better 🙂

I also got a new Coffee Pot. The white one is the old. Every time we would pour the coffee in to our cup it would spill. It would also smell so bad because when you would pour yourself a cup of coffee it would drip on the burner. And I could not get it clean. But this black one is so awesome. It will turn off if on to long after it’s done brewing. No Coffee has dripped on the Burner and I love it.

I love it! It’s up to date more modern 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my little changes I made. And my little toys I got!

Love Lady Beth

Orgenizing my kitchen cupboard


This is my messy cupboard that everyone can see when you are in my kitchen.

Wow what a mess! Look how there is dishes, sprays, oils and teas.

This is the other side with cups and glasses.

Wow so much better. I put my bowls I use a lot on the top shelf. Then on the bottom shelf I put all the sprays, oils along with all the liquids.

This cabinet is to the right of the last one I showed you. There are my mason jars and oh yes my Pampered Chef. I love my Pampered Chef. I will blog about that soon.

Then this cupboard is to the right of the mason jar cupboard. I put the cups on the top shelf and the glasses on the bottom. It is so much better. Lets see what it  looks like with the cupboard doors shut.

Wow so much better. It looks organized 😉

Here is a cupboard all by itself. With all my colorful dishes.

Now that one looks nice with the door shut. This one has always been this way 🙂

This one I did not get a before picture. But believe me it was a mess. Look how nice it looks now!

This cupboard is in the island under the stove. Oh and it was a mess I did not get the before picture.

This is to the left of the one I just showed you. Not so much you can do with that piping for the stove vent.

This pull out cupboard is up high above the oven. It was ok I just did not get much use out of it. So I did some organizing and came up with this.

So I put the food processor in the back I do not use that much. Then put my pans up there so much easier to reach.

I love this little pull out cupboard. Here it is a mess.

Wow so much better I can see what I have in there now 🙂

Same cupboard just from the other side.

Will I hope you enjoyed this blog. Have an awesome Easter weekend!

Lady Beth

Small Bakers Rack


I was looking on Craig’s list for a bakers rack. Then I found the one with all the stuff on it. It’s more like a book shelf. But I loved it! I had it in the hall outside my bedroom door to put my towels on it because my linen closet is way to small for all my towels. Then Tiffany and Brittany said Mom That is too nice to hide why don’t you put it in the dining room. So that is what I did.

What do you think? I think it looks beautiful!  I will show you each shelf up close.

This is the top shelf. Tiffany got me the Paris / Eiffel Tower piece. The teapot is from my good friend Belen. And of course there are the mason jars and a black Eiffel Tower I got from my Sister in law Shawnacee.

The next shelf. There are more mason jars and my mason jar rack. The dish is Crystal that I bought from my Sister LaRae it came with a rack. And a pumpkin spice candle.

Next shelf is the cookbook shelf with the Eiffel Tower book ends.

The last shelf. I really like this piece so I thought I would share it with you.

So here is my dining room with the small bakers rack. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

Lady Beth

Mason Jars


I was checking out the Pioneer Woman’s ( Ree Drummond ) Website. And she had a blog about Mason jars. She was saying you can put left overs in them, Drink out of them, Save your Bacon grease in them, you can also make a soap dispenser out of them. Now that I’m going to do. I will show it when its done 🙂

Now this bag just takes up to much space in my cupboard. I was so excited to get me some Mason Jars to put things like this in them. Look how the jar would take up less space. Plus you can stack them on top of each other.

Yes I like it so much better! I have some canisters that are not that big. So when I put like sugar and flour in them it might not fit all of the sugar and flour so I put the rest in a mason jar. I also have like coffee, sunflower seeds, sometimes I put pasta in them.

Here are my Canisters. Tony and I went to an estate sale with our awesome friends the Woodrums. And Belen bought the four big ones in the back for me. Then one day I was at Ross and found the 2 little ones on sale so I bought them 🙂

Here is some more mason jars filled with my goodies 🙂 I always get a big bag of rice and I would keep it in a cupboard in the garage. Then one day when I was at Wal-Mart checking out the Mason Jars I saw it. That huge glass canister I loved it. My rice fit in it and the rest in 1 Large mason jar. And I think it looks so beautiful out there!

Thank you so much

Hope you enjoy

Lady Beth