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Fall is here



Fall is here so I added a little fall color to my dinning room. I will be adding more soon. So for now I put some leaves around my candles to add some fall colors to them and I think they are beautiful:)



Here is another look at them in more light and the fall colors look much brighter.


And here they are with the candles lite. So beautiful. Now keep an eye out for the change. It will be coming to these πŸ˜‰ I just need to go shopping πŸ˜‰ And that I love to do!



I added the fall green leaves on the top of my small bakers rack. It just adds a little something I love it!




I added some colorful fall leaves to this table. I have to tell you I just love this table I got it from my Sister-in-law. I’m so happy she redecorated her house. Now my house is beautiful!



Here it is with the candles lite. It just makes me smile πŸ˜‰



Now here on my big bakers rack so far I have just added some fall leaves to the 2nd shelf. More to come πŸ˜‰



Here is my dinning room with a little fall color added to it. I’m so excited to add more and I will keep you posted on that with an up coming blog. I thought it was so funny last week someone said that it looked like a French Bistro. Now that made me smile. I did that without even trying πŸ˜‰ It just all went together!

Thank you for reading my blog I hope so much that you enjoyed it because I enjoy blogging πŸ˜‰

Love Lady Beth





My Bathroom ( part 1 )



Hello every one so sorry it has taking me so long to blog. I have been working 2 jobs so I have a min. to blog so here I go.

This is my bathroom and oh how I would love to remodel it but it is not my house we are just renters. I would love one day to be able to buy it!! That is my prayer. Well there is 4 of us living in this house it’s a 3 Bedroom and 1 bathroom. Now Β with 1 Man and 3 Lady’s it is a little rough some times. But we manage. I did put a shelf Β up because everything was on the counter and well it just looks much better this way.



The 2 jars with the cork tops I got from my friend’s garage sale. The mirror is my daughter Brittany’s and the mason jar of course is mine. I filled it with the rest of the q-tips and they fit just right. Β So when you are facing the sink this is on the left.



And this is to the right of the sink. I love Bath and Body Works and that is where I get my hand soap and at Christmas time last year I got the medal cover for it πŸ™‚ and I’m not to sure what the black wrought iron thing is for but I use it for the combs and brushes. It just helps it to look neater.



Now we keep to the right and that is above the toilet. I’m showing this now because there are changes to come that way we can see before and after.



Keeping to the right is the window now in the morning while getting ready for work the sun is so bright so I’m in the process of putting up a curtain and rod my friend Belen Β is fixing the curtain for me to put up πŸ™‚ Then as you keep to the right that would be the Tub/Shower. Sorry I did not get a picture of the tub/shower. I will have one next time because I will be hanging a shower curtain and it will look so much better πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I’m looking forward to sharing more about my house, food and my new things I get πŸ™‚

Love Lady Beth