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The Shelf for my big Bakers Rack


Here is the Bakers Rack I blogged about awhile ago. I got it for $20.00 on Craig’s list. When I bought it they gave me a piece of glass to make a shelf. But the more I thought about it the glass just was not working for me. So for a long time I had nothing there.


Here it is again with the bottom shelf a little different. Well what I was really wanting was cutting board for the shelf. I was   looking around to see if I could find one that big. It is 15 inch. Wide and 18 Long. We had gone to Wal-Mart and found one it was about 1 inch thick and 15 by 22. But I did not like the little gutter it had. I was not going to use it for cutting juicy things 🙂 Then one day while my husband and I where checking out the clearance sale at Sur La Table. We found the most awesome cutting board. It’s a John Boos & Co. Maple cutting board for $45.95. Now I also blogged about a pot I got from Sur La Table and we paid $139.99 + tax. Then I was checking my email and I seen that same pot was on sale for $99.99. So my husband called and asked if we could get credit back because we had just bought it about a month ago and they said yes so we got back $43. and some change. Then I went to buy the cutting boards. Woo Hoo I am just so happy 🙂


And here they are just so beautiful 🙂


There is the brand name. And look how thick it is 🙂 Ooh I just love them!!


Now from the first 2 pictures again I have changed all of the shelf’s. This is just to show you what it looked like this morning.


Here we go 🙂 The rack is 30 by 18. and the cutting boards are 15 by 21. Here is the first one.


And the next one and they fit so perfect nice and snug. And let me tell you I am so so happy with it. It’s just what I wanted. I had to wait awhile but it was so worth it!! 😀


Just another look at my beautiful shelf.


This what it looks like up close. And I’m just fine with the round corners 🙂


There she is!! Oh how I love it 🙂


Here it is with the new changes.


The lower half. I love the thickness of the cutting boards.


The upper half. Wow it looks awesome right?


Beautiful 🙂

Thank you so much for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!!

Love Lady Beth




Bakers Rack


One day I was visiting a good friend of mine Belen. And I loved her house. The way she has it decorated is so beautiful! Well she had a bakers rack it is white and a little smaller than the grey one in the picture. I have lots of plants so I thought that a bakers rack would work great for all my plants. I was on craigs list one day looking for a bakers rack. I found the smaller one on the right  first. I really wanted it to put in front of that window. But it was just to small for that. While I was on craigs list I found one for $50.00. So I called the guy and told him I would be there to get it when I got off work @ 6:00. I had called him around 2:00. So when I got to his house he said someone had just came and bought it. I was bummed. Then he said well I do have one that is missing the glass for the big shelf. So I said yes I would love to see it. And it was perfect size for where I wanted to put it. So he sold it to me for $20.00.

I’m still waiting on the missing shelf. I want it to be made of a cutting board. And also in my kitchen and dining room the  color scheme is black and white. So I’m thinking of painting it black in a few months. And adding the cutting board to it also. Now some of my plants are on this bakers rack.

This is how it looks with the blinds open. Also this is the first thing you see when you come in to my house. I keep changing the things on the bakers rack and I’m not done changing it yet 🙂

I was at Ross one day and I found this plant stand and had to have it. So my sweet husband bought it for me. I have more plants on it now. Here there are 3 plants on it.

This is what it looks like all done. Well I still need to paint the bakers rack black and add the cutting board. I think it will look so much better and match the rest of my racks. To the left is the living room. To the right is the dining room. I like it! What do you think?

Thank you so much for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it have a great week.

Lady Beth

Small Bakers Rack


I was looking on Craig’s list for a bakers rack. Then I found the one with all the stuff on it. It’s more like a book shelf. But I loved it! I had it in the hall outside my bedroom door to put my towels on it because my linen closet is way to small for all my towels. Then Tiffany and Brittany said Mom That is too nice to hide why don’t you put it in the dining room. So that is what I did.

What do you think? I think it looks beautiful!  I will show you each shelf up close.

This is the top shelf. Tiffany got me the Paris / Eiffel Tower piece. The teapot is from my good friend Belen. And of course there are the mason jars and a black Eiffel Tower I got from my Sister in law Shawnacee.

The next shelf. There are more mason jars and my mason jar rack. The dish is Crystal that I bought from my Sister LaRae it came with a rack. And a pumpkin spice candle.

Next shelf is the cookbook shelf with the Eiffel Tower book ends.

The last shelf. I really like this piece so I thought I would share it with you.

So here is my dining room with the small bakers rack. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

Lady Beth