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A Plane on the Freeway


One day when I was on my way to work. At this time I was working  11:30am to 8:00pm. I was tripping 🙂 An airplane on the interstate was just not real. So we caught up with it. Not sure what kind it is.



Here is another view a little closer. This is in Walnut Creek California. I just thought I would share this with you. I hope you liked it. By the way if you know what kind of plane this is I would love to know.

Thank you for taking to time to read my blog. Have an awesome day 🙂

Love Lady Beth

Bristol Speedway in 2006


When we went to the store they had this car out front to promote the Nascar Race 🙂 At the Bristol Speedway. My Husband Tony is a huge Nascar Fan. Also a huge 24 Jeff Gordon  Fan!!!

We were there early (to early for me)  like 7:00am. And it was a night race. Well I did tell you Tony was a huge Nascar Fan. It was awesome the first time we had been. The place was huge. I worked  for Mercedes-Benz of Walnut Creek California at this time and the owner of the trace is the owner of Mercedes-Benz of Walnut Creek. O. Bruton Smith.

And what was so cool is that Jeff Gordon’s Car was right down in front of us!!! See it?

Here is an even better picture with the #24 car. Man it was so hot there. Now again I’m from California so we have beautiful summers out here we get some hot days but its more dry heat here. I thought it was very muggy there but I guess compared to other places it’s not that bad. But when you are from California its bad 🙂

Just a picture of the stands. Empty for now because it is so early 🙂 But as the day went on it became full 🙂

This is our view from where we were setting. We had an awesome time. I’m so glad I went. But the next year I did not go it was just to hot for me. But of course Tony went 🙂 He went 5 years in a row 🙂

The stands look a little fuller. And the Sun is going down. Getting ready for the Big Race!!

Gentlemen start your engines!!!! Here we go 🙂

Thank you so much for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Love Lady Beth

Lunch with Brittany


This is Brittany my baby and I 🙂 Saturday after I got off work we had a Mother Daughter day 😉 First we went to lunch at


Red Robin in Concord California. We were having a nice time talking and watching people. Our waiter came to take our order. So we told him we wanted to hummus and vegi plate and a Chicken rap with fruit. So after some time this is what we got.


So we asked where the hummus plate was? Well he was not listening to us. Because that we the first thing we ordered! But he did not bring it. A girl did and we asked where the hummus plate was and it was not ordered. So she brought it out after a while.


Here it is, It was ok the hummus did not have much flavor. So after the girl brought the hummus no one came to check on us for a long time. So finely the guy come by and asked if our waitress had been helping up. We said no and we are ready to go so he went to get our check. And when he come back someone had tried to scratch out the name of the waiter or waitress. We did end up getting the hummus plate free.


So after lunch we went for a walk in the park. It was a little hot when we were walking in the Sun. But when we were walking under the trees it was so nice with a nice cool breeze blowing on our faces. After our walk Brittany wanted to go to Starbucks for some tea. She was doing the driving 😉


Here is our Passion Tea’s. Oh yes and we both got a cake pop 🙂 Oh and did I mention that this whole day was treated by Brittany 😉 Brittany thank you so much for lunch and Starbucks. I had a great time 😉 Love you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog 🙂

Love Lady Beth



A Night at the game


Take a guess where we are? Right! Of course we are at the Giants Game in San Francisco California.

This beautiful Park  has so much going on with a play ground, swimming pools, games, kids playing baseball, and lots of good food.

Here is my husband Tony and my brother Paul. They are huge Giants Fans. Well we all are! My kids are big Giants fans too 😉

Brittany and I were enjoying our selves. It was very cold but fun. When the Giants hit a home run my hat sprays water. Hahaha its funny how my head is in the right spot to look like a hat 😉  So we would get wet and be even colder.

Tony and I, As you can see Tony is enjoying the game ;D Hey where is Tony’s coat? Hahaha and he is wearing sunglasses at night ;D I guess it was to bright for him in the stadium.

And of course we could not have gone without eating us some Garlic Fries ;P They are so yummy!!! Oh yes and of course Polish Dogs again yummy 😉

It was the Giants against the D-Backs!!! Now this was awhile ago so after I talk to my husband I will update the blog.

After the game we watched the live radio broadcast.

Thank you

Lady Beth