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Fall is here



Fall is here so I added a little fall color to my dinning room. I will be adding more soon. So for now I put some leaves around my candles to add some fall colors to them and I think they are beautiful:)



Here is another look at them in more light and the fall colors look much brighter.


And here they are with the candles lite. So beautiful. Now keep an eye out for the change. It will be coming to these 😉 I just need to go shopping 😉 And that I love to do!



I added the fall green leaves on the top of my small bakers rack. It just adds a little something I love it!




I added some colorful fall leaves to this table. I have to tell you I just love this table I got it from my Sister-in-law. I’m so happy she redecorated her house. Now my house is beautiful!



Here it is with the candles lite. It just makes me smile 😉



Now here on my big bakers rack so far I have just added some fall leaves to the 2nd shelf. More to come 😉



Here is my dinning room with a little fall color added to it. I’m so excited to add more and I will keep you posted on that with an up coming blog. I thought it was so funny last week someone said that it looked like a French Bistro. Now that made me smile. I did that without even trying 😉 It just all went together!

Thank you for reading my blog I hope so much that you enjoyed it because I enjoy blogging 😉

Love Lady Beth





My Treasure a Heavy Duty Mixer



One day I was helping my Aunt Brenda ( My Mom’s Sister ) Move a friend and my Aunt had things at her house she needed to get rid of so she asked me if I would like to see what she had and that I could have it.  In the things she needed to get rid of was this beautiful Heavy Duty Mixer.  She asked me if I wanted it and I said sure. Let me tell you I had no ideal what a Treasure I had. I got it about 2 or 3 years ago. Then one day I was at my friend Belen’s house and she had a Classic Mixer. And she said she was praying for God to make a way for her to get a white one ( her Kitchen and dishes are white ) and she did a friend give it to her. Well mine was just setting in the garage. Until one day my daughter Tiffany was making some wonderful lemon cupcakes. And I guess she was stirring it my hand. Then I remembered I had that mixer out in the garage and I told her to use that. When I got home that evening it was in the house all clean and ready for use.



Now the ones I had seen did not have the arms like this one. I guess that would mean it’s Heavy Duty.



Here is a front view of it with out the paddle and bowl.



A picture of the whole thing. Well with out the bowl and paddle 🙂



This shows where the bowl hooks to the arms. And also how beautiful it is 🙂



Now here is the bowl.



The bowl has 2 holes and a handle.



Here is the other hole. That metal arm sticking out there lefts up the bowl so the paddle can mix all the way to the bottom of the bowl.



Here is the paddle and bowl in there right place 🙂


Here is some beautiful display things Tiffany bought to display her awesome cupcakes!



This is just some of her cupcake helpers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog I hope you liked it.

God Bless and have an awesome weekend 🙂

Love Lady Beth

My first Le Creuset



Hello my good friends. I have a minute so I wanted to share with you by first ( of many to come ) 😉 beautiful Le Creuset Deep covered saute pan 3 3/4 qt. The beautiful color is Caribbean. I’m so excited I love it so much 🙂 I’m so looking forward to getting some Dutch Ovens soon!



Just to show that it is Le Creuset. This is me just doing so bragging.



And I love that you can wash it with soap. And it’s still cast iron. Look how beautiful it is!



Of course it’s on my baker rack for everyone to see.



Just a look of how I have it now. Who knows I may change it soon 🙂



This picture is showing you the bottom half of the bakers rack. The stone dish on the bottom I will be blogging about that one soon. I will keep you posted with what I make in my new Le Creuset Deep Covered Saute Pan.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Have a wonderful day and God bless you!

Love Lady Beth

The Shelf for my big Bakers Rack


Here is the Bakers Rack I blogged about awhile ago. I got it for $20.00 on Craig’s list. When I bought it they gave me a piece of glass to make a shelf. But the more I thought about it the glass just was not working for me. So for a long time I had nothing there.


Here it is again with the bottom shelf a little different. Well what I was really wanting was cutting board for the shelf. I was   looking around to see if I could find one that big. It is 15 inch. Wide and 18 Long. We had gone to Wal-Mart and found one it was about 1 inch thick and 15 by 22. But I did not like the little gutter it had. I was not going to use it for cutting juicy things 🙂 Then one day while my husband and I where checking out the clearance sale at Sur La Table. We found the most awesome cutting board. It’s a John Boos & Co. Maple cutting board for $45.95. Now I also blogged about a pot I got from Sur La Table and we paid $139.99 + tax. Then I was checking my email and I seen that same pot was on sale for $99.99. So my husband called and asked if we could get credit back because we had just bought it about a month ago and they said yes so we got back $43. and some change. Then I went to buy the cutting boards. Woo Hoo I am just so happy 🙂


And here they are just so beautiful 🙂


There is the brand name. And look how thick it is 🙂 Ooh I just love them!!


Now from the first 2 pictures again I have changed all of the shelf’s. This is just to show you what it looked like this morning.


Here we go 🙂 The rack is 30 by 18. and the cutting boards are 15 by 21. Here is the first one.


And the next one and they fit so perfect nice and snug. And let me tell you I am so so happy with it. It’s just what I wanted. I had to wait awhile but it was so worth it!! 😀


Just another look at my beautiful shelf.


This what it looks like up close. And I’m just fine with the round corners 🙂


There she is!! Oh how I love it 🙂


Here it is with the new changes.


The lower half. I love the thickness of the cutting boards.


The upper half. Wow it looks awesome right?


Beautiful 🙂

Thank you so much for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!!

Love Lady Beth




The Entryway with picture of my Children


I had the pictures of the kids when they were little up there already. And I had the pictures when they were older above the fire-place.  All 4 of the frames were different and they were just to big for that spot. So I bought 4 new frames and they match pretty good 🙂


See it’s just way over crowded. Oh and by the way I did not put them up there. One of my kids did so I left them up for a while. Til I just could not take it any more 😉 So I finally did something about it and my kids loved it.


This is Tiffany. It’s funny how she has not changed much. Still as beautiful as ever. That’s the Mamma in me;) The first one she was 8 or 9 the graduation picture she is about 17 or 18.


Here is Anthony. Still very good-looking 😉 here is Mamma again 😉 He is about 6 or 7 in the first one and at graduation 17 or 18.


Here is Brittany. Still as beautiful as ever! Hi I’m the Mamma 😉 I love this picture when she was 4 or 5. Our friend James was taking the picture. And I was watching and she would not look at James for the picture. She would look at me out of the corner of her eye and say Mommy I’m looking at you. So I had to leave the room. It was so adorable I will never forget that day. Every time I look at that picture I think of that day and that is the look she had on her face when she said it. You know! Maybe she might have loved me 😉 I think she still does!


Here is all 3 of them. I love my children so much. God has blessed me with the most awesome children anyone ( I ) could ask for! The picture of Anthony and Brittany is when they went on their first cruise with our good friend Mitch and Faith oh yes and their Mom Angie and Dad Rick.


Just one more from a different angle. I will be adding a couple more things I hope you all will like it.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope to write another one soon. Have an awesome weekend.

Love Lady Beth



Some new things for my Kitchen


Now here is my flat Whisk! I have wanted one since I seen the Pioneer Woman using it.  I’m so sorry not a good picture. I have a better picture coming 🙂 It was $11.95.

I had received an email from Sur La Table they are having a clearance sale and I had to go get some goodies! So I had heard that you are supposed to keep olive oil in a dark place. So I found this beautiful olive oil holder. I was going to get the white one but it was not on sale. The man at the counter said the white and red ones never go on sale 😦 By the way it looks yellow but it is green 🙂 It was $11.99.

Then I bought this beautiful blue baking dish or a dish to serve with. It is 12 x 8. It is dishwasher safe, Microwave safe and oven safe. It is made of stone. And it is very beautiful 🙂

See how beautiful it is? I also love how deep it is. Now maybe when I bake like Mac n Cheese it will not over flow in my oven.  It was $12.99.

Here is the last thing I got. It’s a baking dish 14 x 8.5. It is green it matches the olive oil holder. Again I love that it is deep. Now this one is a little more fragile. You can’t just put hot or cold stuff in it. But  I lived it any ways. It was $14.96.

Just another look from above it see how deep it is 🙂

Here is a better looking picture of the whisk. It seems like it would be much easier to keep clean.

Now you can see the color better on the olive oil holder 🙂

And this is the bag it all come in. It was a fun day my husband came to get me for lunch and we went to Sur La Table.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. Have a great week.

Love Lady Beth

The Sun Set from my front yard


Now I have always love the silhouette of the black trees at Sun set with the white moon and a bright planet. I think it would have been more vivid if there would not have been any cars coming toward me.


Here is one with out the car! And now you can see the moon and planet.


It’s getting a little darker. I love how the trees look black against the blue / white sky at Sun set.


Now it’s much darker but still beautiful!

Thank you for taking time out of you busy day to read my blog have an awesome day.

Love Lady Beth

2012 Birthday orchid


My Beautiful friend Danielle Bought me an Orchid for my birthday. I looks brindle to me 🙂 She is the one that got me the white one last year. And it lived all year and re bloomed this year.

I think having them in front of this window really helps. Light comes in but not direct light. They are just so beautiful!

Here they are together. They are doing great 🙂 Thank you Danielle I love my Orchid. You are such an awesome friend. Love you and baby Violet very much!!!

Thank you for reading my blog. Have an awesome day.

Love Lady Beth



My front yard is all rose bushes and the rocks you see here. With the rain we just had. And the beautiful Sun Shine we have had the last few days. My roses have bloomed like crazy. When we walk out of the Garage to leave the house it smells so wonderful. I think its amazing how they all have different smells. Here are some of the roses we have.

The first one is Yellow trimmed in Pink. This one looks Orange trimmed in Pink.

Wow how beautiful. So amazing!

I was able to get the rose at full bloom and a rose bud 🙂

Here are my Purple roses and they smell so good!

Two more Purple ones.

These are the red ones. They are so beautiful! And smell so wonderful 🙂

This is the same red ones with 2 at full bloom and on the left a little cut out of the picture a rose bud.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Lady Beth

Chalk board


This is my new chalk board. Once upon a time it was a  Home Interiors Picture. The glass had been broke in a move and I kept it. I could not get my self to get rid of it. It was the Picture of a  Mamma and her little girl on a Piano with a Westie Puppy under the Piano. The sentimental reasons were my Son plays the Piano and we have a Westie her name is Chloe.  Then one day I went to my friend Belen’s house and she had a beautiful chalk board that she made. Then I thought I have the perfect place for one of those chalk boards. Belen found her picture that she made in to a chalk board at a Thrift Store. So I was walking in my garage one day well everyday 😉 And there it was my soon to be chalk board 😉 My Awesome, beautiful friend Belen had me bring my picture to her house.

We took it apart and painted the cardboard (picture) with chalk board paint. We painted the frame white then rubbed an antique paint on it. I love that you can see the detail in the frame with the antique paint rubbed in. I loved it ;)Belen did an awesome job!! Thank you so much Belen;)

Now this is my Dining room with out the chalk board. And I see the perfect place to put it do you? That picture is just to small for that wall. But I really like that picture. The Theme in my Dining Room is Paris and the Eiffel Tower. So it will go on an other wall.

And There she is 😉 Doesn’t She look so much better there? I’m enjoying the changes. I have done more sense then. That will be for another blog 😉  I hope you enjoy it thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Lady Beth