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Baby Shower


Here is the center piece that my good friend Trina made. Felicia wanted The Cat In The Hat theme. Trina did an awesome job on it. By the way Trina is Felicia’s Mother 🙂

Here is baby Jacoby while still in Mommy’s Tummy.

He looks so cute. Man I wish they would have had this back in my day. Back when I was having baby’s. Like 25 to 21 years ago 🙂

A close up of the center piece. Little wash cloths and new born pampers.

Cat In The Hat. So cute 🙂

Felicia (Mommy) opening Jacoby’s gifts.

The Yummy cake pop’s. Two nights before the shower some of the girls came to my house to make them and they turned out awesome. We had a blast!!

They made 5 that were square so they could put the letters J A C O B Y on them.

And here is the Little/Big bundle of Joy. What an angel. I love him so much.

Big Lil baby Jacoby Avery Cole Elliott born May 5th at 1:17 a.m. 9lbs 6.2 oz.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog have an awesome day.

Love Lady Beth


Meeting Zayne


This adorable little guy is Zayne. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen ;D He is going to be 1 yr. in April. He is so so cute 😉 This is the first time we got to meet Zayne. He was born in Korea. His Daddy Benjamin Vaughn is in the U.S. Army. Benjamin is my Nephew. I’m so glad we got to see them!

And this is Tjayden. He is adorable and sweet 😉 I got some hugs for him 😉 He was playing with the rubber hand that sticks to things. He had it sticking to everything even his Daddy’s Glasses.  He was poking and pulling on his Daddy. Ben is such an Awesome Daddy 😉 After pizza we went to 31 flavors ice cream. Brittany shared her cookies n cream with Tjayden and he loved it ;D.

Benjamin and Grandma she was so excited to see Ben and his family. We were so sorry we did not get to see Teresa and Arryah. Benjamin is an awesome Son, Brother, Husband, Son-in-law, Grandson and Nephew. We love you Ben, Teresa, Arryah, Tjayden and Zayne.

Here is Great-Grandma and Tjayden;) so sweet 😉

Great-Grandma and Zayne so adorable 😉

Having fun with Zayne. At our family pizza party was Paul and Shawnacee, Momma, Benjamin, Tjayden and Zayne, Tony, Tiffany, Anthony,Brittany and myself. We missed Teresa and Arryah. We also missed Kim and her family ;(

Thank you for reading

Lady Beth