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Spray Paint


Friday night April 27th. Tiffany was off that day. Brittany and I were working til 6:00. So Tiffany picked up Brittany and I and we all went to have Pedicures and Manicures done. We were having a very relaxing time. It was a girls night out. After the mani’s and the pedi’s we went to dinner at a Korean BBQ. It was wonderful so yummy. We were goofing off as we were walking to the car. The car was parked in a parking garage by Todos Santos Park in Concord. When we got to the second floor where we were parked. It looked like someone had graffitied Tiffany’s car. As we got closer we could see that is what had happened.

Yes it was true! We could not believe it. At first we thought maybe it was someone playing a trick on her. But no it was real fast drying paint. I believe me it was dry!!

We are not sure what it says but I knew it was nothing good! That word was on the wall too.

If only they would have stopped there!

Here is Tiffany taking a picture of the windshield. The blue paint that is on the drivers window is on the windshield too.

At least it was not on the driver’s side and she was able to drive home. We live on a busy street and I was freaking out because she has to park out in front of the house and what ever that word was I’m sure it was a gang thing and I did not want people to think we were apart of a gang.

So when we got home my husband was so awesome he brought out the brake fluid a brillo pad. He and Tiffany went to work and look at the awesome job they did!!

This is where it was on the paint of the car. As you can see the yellow in the cracks. We are not sure what it going to happen to the paint after the clean up.

The windshield is clean too! Now we have all ( My Family ) worked at car dealerships and we know that if you have a razor blade that would have taken it off. But of course we did not have one at our house. So they had to do it the hard way. But it got done 🙂

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you have a great day!

Love Lady Beth