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Oil, Salt and Pepper holders



This is where I keep my oil, salt and pepper. For a long time I kept my Olive Oil in a clear glass bottle. Then I read and heard that Olive Oil was to be kept in a dark place. So one day when I was at Sur La Table I found a new Olive oil holder.



Here it is! I have to tell you it was so funny when I was putting the Olive oil in it as you can see it’s not clear so I really did not know when it was time to stop pouring the oil in until it came out the spout hahahaha. And it landed on the cork lid of the salt holder that is the next picture.



This is the salt holder. Yes so on the cork lid a little less than half is a darker color than the rest. I may have to oil the whole  thing so I won’t have to see it like that 🙂 But I love it 🙂 It works for me!



Now Sur La Table does not have one for pepper. I’m thinking because they want you to get the one that grinds the pepper. I will get that one some day. But my awesome friend had 2 of these salt holders and she gave me one so I use it for the pepper.



They are all together on the counter in front of the stove just where I need them. I love fixing up my Kitchen and sharing my new things with you all.

Thank you for reading my blog about fixing up my house have a great coming up weekend 🙂

Love Lady Beth


My Plate Rack



This is a plate rack I got from my Sister in law when she was having an estate sale at her house because she was changing the look of her home. So I went shopping 🙂



I put it in my Kitchen. My kitchen and dinning room are black and white and I really needed something to put on that wall. I do have a lot of stuff that is black rod iron and curly. My husband said of course you like it! It’s black rod iron and curly hahahaha.



Here is a look at what is on the wall so far. The plate rack and plates and my Keys holder.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I know it was short but I hope you liked it anyway.

Love Lady Beth

My Living Room



Finally a look into my living room. To the right of the chair is a huge sliding glass door. And out side of the window is the orange tree that I blogged about on an earlier blog.



Here is the fire-place. We can not use it so I put some candles in front of it. I will lite them in the winter. Or when we are not using the AC.



This is what I would burn. I have not burned them yet I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they are burning.



Oh yes and my trees have lights on them. Also the mantel is a little bear.



I do have an angel that was my Sister LaRae’s I got it after she passed away. She collected angel’s. She is always with us!



Here is a Thomas Kinkade picture that my husband and I got at an auction for $500.00. And that was years ago.



Another chair oh yes and there is our AC lol.



My couch and my 2 beautiful pictures I love them. They have the same colors as my couch, love-seat and chairs. Also my whole house is hardwood floors.



The love-seat and my beautiful lamp well I have 2 but it was harder to see it in the picture when the light is on.



There is my other lamp with out the light on.



Here is looking out of the living room in to the kitchen and to the left is the dinning room.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you have an awesome weekend! God Bless!!

Love Lady Beth