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Dutch Oven


Ok I’m so excited I got my first Dutch Oven Yesterday 🙂 I have been wanting one for so long. My husband and kids know this so the other day Tiffany told my husband that she had seen the pot Mom was looking for in a store that she walked by in down town Walnut Creek. And that the pot she wants is on sale. So after we dropped Brittany off at work yesterday at 7:30am. Tony took me down town Walnut Creek to find this store. And there it was right next door to P F Changs. Sur la table I have to tell you I love this store I have never been there. I will be back.


This is the box it came in.


Isn’t it just so beautiful? Well I think so 🙂 Now I have never seen this brand before it’s La Cocotte Staub made in France. There were 3 colors this one dark red, blue and gray/black.


It’s a 4 Qt pot. And it’s very heavy!


This is the inside. The lady at the store said you can wash it with soap. It has some kind of  coating on it.



They say the little bumps are for when the water evaporates it will fall back on the food all over. Not like when you pick up the lid and all the water gets all over the floor or everywhere but the pot.  So looking forward to using it.


Just another picture of the inside. I will let you know the first dish I make in it 🙂 In fact I will blog the dinner that I make with it.


Here is showing how deep it is.


Oh yes the reason I chose this color is because you can see the detail the words and lines. I did like the blue one but you could not see the words like you can on this one. So I will be keeping my eye out for sales at Sur La Table. I want to get more and I want them all different colors. I’m looking forward to getting some Le Creuset dutch ovens.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Have an awesome day!!!

Love Lady Beth