Living Room Window


This is the view out my living room window. I love the green and orange. It’s like my curtains 🙂 A little over a month ago my Brother Scott and his family Krystal his wife and Bethany his little girl she is 6. Come to visit from Tenn. And I made dinner when they came to my house one night. They were staying with my Brother Paul. When Krystal and Bethany  saw the Oranges out the window They wanted to know if they can pick some and eat them. I said sure help your self. And they did. Now Krystal and Bethany have never seen an Orange tree. They do not have them in Tenn. They loved them! They took some to Paul’s house and my Mom got to try them and loved them. I fact she wants me to bring her some too 🙂 Anything for you Momma 😉

And the oranges are so good! Big, Juicy and sweet. We can not eat them fast enough.

Just one more view. There is a chair under the window!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog 🙂 Short and Sweet 🙂

Love Lady Beth

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