My kitchen window


This is my kitchen window. For a long time I had very small things in there. I had no ideal what to put in there. Then when I was shopping at Paul and Shawnacee’s estate sale. On her counter she had a tray that I will put a picture of it up. On the tray was the glass dish on the top left, and the red dish on the top right, also the yellow dish on the middle shelf.

This is the tray they were setting on. Beautiful!!! I buy the huge 15 lbs bag of Jasmine rice and I did not have anything to keep it in so I would keep it in the bag and put a clip on it to keep it fresh. Then I found the big jar at Wal-Mart. The rice   fit the whole bag plus one large mason jar. I put it on the tray and I loved it I think it looks awesome along with my mason jars.

Also in the window I have a Cookbook stand with a Cookbook on it. On the bottom shelf I put a candle holder. I need to get some candles for it. Now the candles will only be for looks and hopefully smell good. I will not light them in the window. Who knows I may take it out of the window and light the candles to make it smell good 🙂

Here is another picture of the tray in front of the big kitchen window. This counter is lower than the kitchen counters. I think this may have been a nook. But it is now a part of the kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Have an awesome week!!

Lady Beth

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