Orgenizing my kitchen cupboard


This is my messy cupboard that everyone can see when you are in my kitchen.

Wow what a mess! Look how there is dishes, sprays, oils and teas.

This is the other side with cups and glasses.

Wow so much better. I put my bowls I use a lot on the top shelf. Then on the bottom shelf I put all the sprays, oils along with all the liquids.

This cabinet is to the right of the last one I showed you. There are my mason jars and oh yes my Pampered Chef. I love my Pampered Chef. I will blog about that soon.

Then this cupboard is to the right of the mason jar cupboard. I put the cups on the top shelf and the glasses on the bottom. It is so much better. Lets see what it  looks like with the cupboard doors shut.

Wow so much better. It looks organized 😉

Here is a cupboard all by itself. With all my colorful dishes.

Now that one looks nice with the door shut. This one has always been this way 🙂

This one I did not get a before picture. But believe me it was a mess. Look how nice it looks now!

This cupboard is in the island under the stove. Oh and it was a mess I did not get the before picture.

This is to the left of the one I just showed you. Not so much you can do with that piping for the stove vent.

This pull out cupboard is up high above the oven. It was ok I just did not get much use out of it. So I did some organizing and came up with this.

So I put the food processor in the back I do not use that much. Then put my pans up there so much easier to reach.

I love this little pull out cupboard. Here it is a mess.

Wow so much better I can see what I have in there now 🙂

Same cupboard just from the other side.

Will I hope you enjoyed this blog. Have an awesome Easter weekend!

Lady Beth

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