My new table


Look at this beautiful table. I got it from my Sister in law Shawnacee. I have been working on fixing up my house. It has been a little empty 😉 I have not been in to having coffee tables and end tables. Well because they are a cache all at my house. So now we are all grown up and I want to put out some tables. Lets see how it works 😉

I was at Ross one day and I love candles so when I seen this for just $4.00 I had to get it. It was $4.00 because there was only one in the box oppose to two like the box said. But I loved it so I got it. And it looks great setting there 😉

This beautiful mirror I got from Shawnacee 😉 I had to set it out I did not want to hide it in a closet or a bedroom. I wanted to share it with everyone 😉

And these! These are my babes 😉 We were breeders of these beautiful Westies. So when my husband seen these plates in a magazine he bought them. I got the plate holder from my beautiful sweet Sister LaRae when she was selling Crystal. I have 4 more plates to put up but I need the same plate holder.

So when you are in the dining room looking in the hall this is what you see. The table is very heavy. The gold part is made of some kind of heavy metal. The top is made of Marble. It’s very beautiful! I’m enjoying all my (new) stuff. I went shopping @ Shawnacee and Paul’s so I will have more things to show you 😉

Thank you so much for reading my blog have a great day

Lady Beth

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  1. How beautiful! You put it together very nicely! I’m inspired!! 🙂

    By the way, how do you make your little smile?

  2. So pretty! I love Westie’s too! My best friend had a Westie named “9” — what a great dog. Love the mirror especially. Really nice the way you display everything. 🙂

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