Our first cruise ( Part 2 )


After we entered the ship we had to get our room keys, And get every one in a room to be put on file with the clerk. You can also leave a credit card number and tell them to let you know when you have reach $50.00 or $100.00 or no limit if that is how you like it 😉 or you can leave cash @ the desk and if you do not spend it all the last day you will get a check under the door of your room with the remainder that you did not spend.

This is like a high line Hotel that I have never stayed in before. It was so beautiful. Loved the glass elevator. This is the Main Lobby there is a bar with a White Piano. Here is where you buy a sticker for your card if you want soft drinks they are not free. But if you pay for a 4 day cruise I think it was $26.00 you can get all the soft drinks and juices you want all day and all night. There is coffee, tea, and lemonade all the time and in the morning for breakfast they will serve juice free.

These are the halls to get to the dining rooms, The Spa, Gym, any where fun! And also the last couple days of the cruise their halls are filled with pictures of ( you ). Well of all the guest. They would like you to buy the picture. Its fun looking for yours and your friends pictures.

This is a buffet dining room. Tony and I liked it of course it was our daughters name Tiffany. We thought it was really cool. I could not be leave it! It was way cool. They had an Italian buffet, a Chinese buffet, a sandwich bar, and Pizza bar The Pizza served all day til late at night. Oh yes and a Dessert bar, Salad and fruit bar. It was so awesome oh yes and we did not have to pay to eat. That was all apart of the package. If you pay months ahead then its like a free vacation. It just seemed So unreal. I wish so bad I had taken more pictures of the dining rooms.

The glass elevator in the lobby at night it’s all lit up with Christmas light you can see them.

Here we are looking down at the lobby. Someone is playing the piano now. It was so beautiful!!

Beautiful! On picture night they use the stairs it’s really cool.

One more picture of the lobby from way up high.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog.

Love Lady Beth

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