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My ideal for 3 glass dishes


I have these 3 glass dishes they have Christmas ornaments in them. It is now March and I’m ready for a change. So I was thinking ( look out world ) as my sweetie would say. I’m going to buy some candles for them.

This picture is a little closer. I really like the dishes / jars/ vases. But for me they will be candle holders 😉

And this is what I came up with. What do you think? But I was thinking again 😉 And I thought that if I lit the candles there it might catch something on fire so I found a better place for them 😉

So what do you think? I’m so happy with them here. Later sometime when I’m tired of them I might add some colored sand or rocks to the glasses. But for now I love it. I think it’s so beautiful 😉

Here they are lit what do you think? I’m very happy with them there.

Thank you so much for reading my blog

Lady Beth

My new table


Look at this beautiful table. I got it from my Sister in law Shawnacee. I have been working on fixing up my house. It has been a little empty 😉 I have not been in to having coffee tables and end tables. Well because they are a cache all at my house. So now we are all grown up and I want to put out some tables. Lets see how it works 😉

I was at Ross one day and I love candles so when I seen this for just $4.00 I had to get it. It was $4.00 because there was only one in the box oppose to two like the box said. But I loved it so I got it. And it looks great setting there 😉

This beautiful mirror I got from Shawnacee 😉 I had to set it out I did not want to hide it in a closet or a bedroom. I wanted to share it with everyone 😉

And these! These are my babes 😉 We were breeders of these beautiful Westies. So when my husband seen these plates in a magazine he bought them. I got the plate holder from my beautiful sweet Sister LaRae when she was selling Crystal. I have 4 more plates to put up but I need the same plate holder.

So when you are in the dining room looking in the hall this is what you see. The table is very heavy. The gold part is made of some kind of heavy metal. The top is made of Marble. It’s very beautiful! I’m enjoying all my (new) stuff. I went shopping @ Shawnacee and Paul’s so I will have more things to show you 😉

Thank you so much for reading my blog have a great day

Lady Beth

Our first cruise ( Part 4 )


I took this from the bus we were headed to the blow-hole.

There is My Sweetie and our friends. We are on our was to the blow-hole.

There it is!

The water is starting to blow out of the hole here.

Here is comes. I did not get a great picture. I missed the good one ;( But it was so cool!

When we were done at the blow-hole we went to the flea market on our way back to the bus.

This is the flea market.

We got back to the ship and headed to dinner 😉

This is what Tony ordered lol it was just a little to raw for him.

Hope you enjoy

Lady Beth

Our first cruise ( Part 3 )


This was our room number.  It was like a little motel.

When we got to our room our luggage was on the bed. We just had to unpack and enjoy ourselves 😉

This is the shower half of the bathroom. It was a good size bathroom.

Haha and this would be the other half of the bathroom lol.

Our bed it was very nice and relaxing. Again I loved the port-holes.

The closet and desk/dresser.

Just another picture of the bed/port-hole.

After we checked out our room we took ourselves on a tour of the ship. That is San Diego from up high.

Tony and I during our tour.

Our entertainment.

The same entertainers just on the other side.

Tony and I on formal night getting ready to get our pictures done and go to dinner 😉

Brittany and Faith ready for  pictures and Dinner. I think they looked very beautiful 😉

Here we are at dinner. We got the table to ourselves.

Our waiter made this for us out of the table napkin lol.

I have one more post to do on this cruise it will be about the blow-hole.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog

Lady Beth

Our first cruise ( Part 2 )


After we entered the ship we had to get our room keys, And get every one in a room to be put on file with the clerk. You can also leave a credit card number and tell them to let you know when you have reach $50.00 or $100.00 or no limit if that is how you like it 😉 or you can leave cash @ the desk and if you do not spend it all the last day you will get a check under the door of your room with the remainder that you did not spend.

This is like a high line Hotel that I have never stayed in before. It was so beautiful. Loved the glass elevator. This is the Main Lobby there is a bar with a White Piano. Here is where you buy a sticker for your card if you want soft drinks they are not free. But if you pay for a 4 day cruise I think it was $26.00 you can get all the soft drinks and juices you want all day and all night. There is coffee, tea, and lemonade all the time and in the morning for breakfast they will serve juice free.

These are the halls to get to the dining rooms, The Spa, Gym, any where fun! And also the last couple days of the cruise their halls are filled with pictures of ( you ). Well of all the guest. They would like you to buy the picture. Its fun looking for yours and your friends pictures.

This is a buffet dining room. Tony and I liked it of course it was our daughters name Tiffany. We thought it was really cool. I could not be leave it! It was way cool. They had an Italian buffet, a Chinese buffet, a sandwich bar, and Pizza bar The Pizza served all day til late at night. Oh yes and a Dessert bar, Salad and fruit bar. It was so awesome oh yes and we did not have to pay to eat. That was all apart of the package. If you pay months ahead then its like a free vacation. It just seemed So unreal. I wish so bad I had taken more pictures of the dining rooms.

The glass elevator in the lobby at night it’s all lit up with Christmas light you can see them.

Here we are looking down at the lobby. Someone is playing the piano now. It was so beautiful!!

Beautiful! On picture night they use the stairs it’s really cool.

One more picture of the lobby from way up high.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog.

Love Lady Beth

Our first cruise ( Part 1 )


We are on our Southwest Flight headed to our cruise ship in San Diego Ca. I was a little nervous I did not know what to expect. I’m not a swimmer so that’s why I was so nervous. Just the thought of being shipwrecked and not being able to swim to try to save myself  just plain scared me.  But I heard so many good things about cruises and I was excited 😉 It was Tony, Brittany and I along with Rick, Angie and Faith also Mitch and his wife Kristy our very good friends. When we landed in San Diego we were met my the Mills family Mike, Kate, Alicia and Mikayla. Also our very good friends.

This is the Motorhome our friends the Mills picked us up in and it was packed with 12 people and all their luggage.

Our ride from the airport to the cruise ship 😉

Oh my goodness (OMG) There she is! The Elation she was so beautiful and huge 😉 I was getting so excited a hotel on the water.

Tony and I with the ship behind us we were so excited it was something new we had never done before.

Here we were waiting to go inside the gate to get our luggage checked in.  We did not want to drag it around with us. Because our rooms where not ready yet. And we wanted to check out the ship and eat 😉

Here is Tony boarding the ship with a big grin on his face ;D and I’m right behind him ;D

Stay tuned for (Part 2) of our first cruise 😉

Thank you so much for reading my blog

Lady Beth

Chalk board


This is my new chalk board. Once upon a time it was a  Home Interiors Picture. The glass had been broke in a move and I kept it. I could not get my self to get rid of it. It was the Picture of a  Mamma and her little girl on a Piano with a Westie Puppy under the Piano. The sentimental reasons were my Son plays the Piano and we have a Westie her name is Chloe.  Then one day I went to my friend Belen’s house and she had a beautiful chalk board that she made. Then I thought I have the perfect place for one of those chalk boards. Belen found her picture that she made in to a chalk board at a Thrift Store. So I was walking in my garage one day well everyday 😉 And there it was my soon to be chalk board 😉 My Awesome, beautiful friend Belen had me bring my picture to her house.

We took it apart and painted the cardboard (picture) with chalk board paint. We painted the frame white then rubbed an antique paint on it. I love that you can see the detail in the frame with the antique paint rubbed in. I loved it ;)Belen did an awesome job!! Thank you so much Belen;)

Now this is my Dining room with out the chalk board. And I see the perfect place to put it do you? That picture is just to small for that wall. But I really like that picture. The Theme in my Dining Room is Paris and the Eiffel Tower. So it will go on an other wall.

And There she is 😉 Doesn’t She look so much better there? I’m enjoying the changes. I have done more sense then. That will be for another blog 😉  I hope you enjoy it thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Lady Beth

A Night at the game


Take a guess where we are? Right! Of course we are at the Giants Game in San Francisco California.

This beautiful Park  has so much going on with a play ground, swimming pools, games, kids playing baseball, and lots of good food.

Here is my husband Tony and my brother Paul. They are huge Giants Fans. Well we all are! My kids are big Giants fans too 😉

Brittany and I were enjoying our selves. It was very cold but fun. When the Giants hit a home run my hat sprays water. Hahaha its funny how my head is in the right spot to look like a hat 😉  So we would get wet and be even colder.

Tony and I, As you can see Tony is enjoying the game ;D Hey where is Tony’s coat? Hahaha and he is wearing sunglasses at night ;D I guess it was to bright for him in the stadium.

And of course we could not have gone without eating us some Garlic Fries ;P They are so yummy!!! Oh yes and of course Polish Dogs again yummy 😉

It was the Giants against the D-Backs!!! Now this was awhile ago so after I talk to my husband I will update the blog.

After the game we watched the live radio broadcast.

Thank you

Lady Beth

Meeting Zayne


This adorable little guy is Zayne. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen ;D He is going to be 1 yr. in April. He is so so cute 😉 This is the first time we got to meet Zayne. He was born in Korea. His Daddy Benjamin Vaughn is in the U.S. Army. Benjamin is my Nephew. I’m so glad we got to see them!

And this is Tjayden. He is adorable and sweet 😉 I got some hugs for him 😉 He was playing with the rubber hand that sticks to things. He had it sticking to everything even his Daddy’s Glasses.  He was poking and pulling on his Daddy. Ben is such an Awesome Daddy 😉 After pizza we went to 31 flavors ice cream. Brittany shared her cookies n cream with Tjayden and he loved it ;D.

Benjamin and Grandma she was so excited to see Ben and his family. We were so sorry we did not get to see Teresa and Arryah. Benjamin is an awesome Son, Brother, Husband, Son-in-law, Grandson and Nephew. We love you Ben, Teresa, Arryah, Tjayden and Zayne.

Here is Great-Grandma and Tjayden;) so sweet 😉

Great-Grandma and Zayne so adorable 😉

Having fun with Zayne. At our family pizza party was Paul and Shawnacee, Momma, Benjamin, Tjayden and Zayne, Tony, Tiffany, Anthony,Brittany and myself. We missed Teresa and Arryah. We also missed Kim and her family ;(

Thank you for reading

Lady Beth


My Children


Hello everyone I’m starting to blog. I hope you all enjoy it. These are my Children. Tiffany 25, Anthony 23, and Brittany 21.  God has blessed me with these very Beautiful Children 😉 That is the Mother in me Talking ;D

Its funny every time Brittany asks me if something looks good or ok on her I always say yes and she says Mom you will say yes even if its ugly ;D So sometimes she does not believe me. But I do let her know if I don’t like it but most of the time I like it 😉

They are the sweetest Kids. They do love to laugh at me. Well I do some dumb and crazy thing. But I just laugh along with them ;D I love them so much even if they do make fun of me ;D

Have a Great day